Spring Means Swimsuits

While avoiding any hint of commitment, Spring has been shamelessly flirting with us here in the South. This warmth brings two thoughts to mind: planting vegetables, and more importantly, finding a fabulous new swimsuit. So I did a bit of perusing to see what styles and patterns are being offered by the companies who manufacture bra-sized swimwear for large-busted women. A few of my favorites are below.

Freya Dreamer Azure Bikini

The sweetheart neckline on the bikini top from Freya’s Dreamer collection is wildly flattering.

Freya Aloha Sand Dune Bikini

The plunge bikini top from the Freya Aloha collection captures the look of a classic bikini. That look is further emphasized by the low-key retro aloha print.


Taking the retro theme a bit further, the Marina Aqua bikini from Curvy Kate gives an enthusiastic nod to pin-up looks with its shape and its cute boat-motif print.

Freya Memphis Blue Bandeau Tankini

In tankinis, the Freya Memphis Blue bandeau top sports a charming print that’s busy enough to provide a lot of camouflage around the midriff.

Curvy Kate Jet Set Black Tankini

And the Curvy Kate Jetset Black collection offers a classic black tankini with elegant silver accents on the straps.

It’s wonderful to finally be able to find several options of bra-sized swimwear designed for large-busted women. Happy Spring!

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Full Bust Wrap Shirt in Pink

I was thrilled to be invited to design a look for the 2013 Fashionably Pink fashion show. The show was organized by Fashionably Austin as a fundraiser benefiting the Stiletto Stampede, a non-profit organization that provides breast cancer education and detection awareness.

Jailyn Apparel full bust pink wrap shirtAll Spring I’ve been taken with the gorgeous drape that can be achieved with wrap shirts, so I decided to design that type of silhouette for the show – of course making it look great on someone with a full bust. While keeping to the “pink” theme, I wanted to create a high-contrast look by having everything other than the shirt dark, so I designed black velvet pants that created a bit of a rocker vibe to make the pale pink feel surprising.

Jewelry designed by Cynthia Bloom for the 2013 Fashionably Pink show

Jewelry from Cynthia Bloom

Cynthia Bloom of Cynthia Bloom Collectible Jewelry designed the stunning necklaces and earrings for the show. The stones were a deep grey with pale purple iridescence. They coordinated beautifully with the pink shirt while adding to the dark contrast. Cynthia also used the spikey shape of the stones to fabulous effect in creating a design that added to the edgy feeling.

Lauren Lumsden, from Rae Cosmetics pulled the look together with her beautiful makeup artistry. Continue reading

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Talented Designers Frequently Miss the Mark When Aiming to Flatter a Big Bust

Recently on Project Runway All-Stars the four remaining contestants were paired with U.S. service women to design outfits for each of the ladies to wear to an upcoming event. Anthony Ryan Auld was partnered with Captain Donna Barrios, who wanted a dress for her 40th birthday party. While discussing her needs and wants for the outfit, Captain Barrios mentioned that she had recently gained some weight and that she is a “boob hider”. She also told him that she wanted a strapless dress.

Grey tone ombre fabric Anthony Ryan chose for his design for a full-busted client

Photo from Project Runway All Stars

I quickly lose respect for Project Runway contestants when they are asked to create looks for someone other than runway models and they complain about the client’s figure. Really, clothes are meant to flatter human bodies, which come in many different shapes, so suck it up if you want to be a clothing designer! There was none of that from Anthony Ryan though. Pleasing Captain Barrios with his design seemed to be his utmost concern. He also genuinely considered how to help her feel comfortable in her dress. He chose the fabric shown to the left, an ombre that faded from black to light grey because, as he explained, Donna is wider on the top of her body, and narrower towards her hips, so putting the light end of the ombre on the bottom could help to visually balance her figure. Continue reading

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Big Bust Clothing Find – Z by Zelda Jacket

Back in October, Darlene from Hourglassy and Campbell & Kate held a busty clothing swap in New York. It looked like everyone had a blast as you can see from her post with photos from the event.

Full bust find - jacket frontWhile reading about the event, I was particularly taken with Closet Dash, who hosted and provided some of the garments for Darlene’s clothing swap. I had no idea such a business existed, and they allow us to swap garments from wherever we live. Up until this point I didn’t shop second-hand because I couldn’t stand digging through piles of random clothing for the possibility of finding the needle in the haystack that was high quality, in good condition, the right size, and a flattering color. These fabulous folks curate the sea of garments down to items of high quality that are in good condition, making it easy to find appropriate sizes and colors. And even after making it this easy for us, the items are still being sold at a small fraction of their original prices. Continue reading

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A Full Bust Dress for a Fashionably Pink Show

Jamie and I with our fabulous hair stylist and make up artist Kendall Koehler of Mayhem Beauty

I was honored to be included in the Fashionably Pink fashion show organized by Fashionably Austin earlier this month. The show was a pre-event for the Stiletto Stampede, a fundraiser to to support the new Seton Breast Cancer Center in Austin.

Jailyn Apparel dress for the Fashionably Pink show

Jamie on the runway

The theme of the show was The Little Pink Dress. And since I have no dresses in production for my business, I needed to design and sew a custom dress for this event. When given pink as a parameter, my first thought was to create sleek lines to juxtapose against the feminine pink. Then I increased that contrast by choosing a very soft pink fabric and adding charcoal grey panels to the top sides. The princess seams were extended to the hem to create long vertical lines, and the charcoal grey panels ended just below the waist, then slanted in towards the center panel to further emphasize the curve from waist to hips. Continue reading

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