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Layers in Acrobat Reader

For clarity and ease of use, Jailyn Apparel patterns are drafted so that each size appears on its own layer in the pdf pattern files. To make cutting out the pattern pieces super easy, you need to hide all the layers for sizes that you don’t need to print at this time. So if you determine, for instance, that you need to print size 12, open the Layers panel in Acrobat Reader and hide all layers except “Text” and “Size 12”, then proceed with printing.

Working With the Layers Panel

The Layers panel appears in the left navigation pane of Adobe Reader when you’re viewing a document that contains layers. The icon looks like a stack of three sticky notes**. Click on the icon to see the list of layers in your document.

Acrobat Reader Layers Panel


Each layer name has a checkbox to its left that contains an illustration of an eye. If the eye shows, then that layer is visible. Clicking the box next to each layer you don’t need so that the eye disappears will hide all the unneeded lines and pattern markings.

**If the Layers panel icon isn’t visible while viewing a layered document, open the View menu, then select Show/Hide -> Navigation Panes -> Layers to make it visible.